ActofKAA Student Theatre Presents Harvey

Tickets for ActofKAA Student Theatre Presents Harvey.


ActofKAA Student Theatre invites you to see our newest production—Harvey by Mary Chase. This charming two-act play tells the story of Elwood P. Dowd and his family who are forced to live with him and his best friend, Harvey. The issue is that nobody but Elwood can see Harvey, or can they?

Chase's magnum opus deals with mental health, family dynamics, and prejudice against the non-conforming in the best way a dramady can. Every scene offers moments of laughter and introspection, making Harvey an exciting and enjoyable experience.



In addition, ActofKAA will also perform a never before seen one act play, A Dollar by David Pinski. A somewhat alternative short story about a group of unfortunate wanderers, whose lives change drastically upon finding a golden ticket from misery... one dollar.

This one act is a great representation of how greed and lust for power can destroy one's inner self. 

At the end of day there's only one question left: Was it all worth it?


The gates open at 6 PM at the show starts at 7 PM.

The ticket prices at the door are €8 for the student ticket and 10€ for the regular ticket.

The performance will be followed by an after-party with music and refreshments.

ActofKAA Student Theatre Presents Harvey

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