NAY Gran Fondo Bratislava 2024

Tickets for NAY Gran Fondo Bratislava 2024.

NAY Gran Fondo Bratislava 2024

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The 3rd year of the road cycling race NAY GRAN FONDO Bratislava 2024 will take place on August 4, 2024.

The event is intended for hobbyists as well as performance cyclists who want to experience the atmosphere of large, well-organized cycling races in Slovakia as well. COMPANY TEAMS are also welcome.

Every year we bring something new, this year we are planning a NEW event for the wider cycling public with the aim of enjoying the day actively, the atmosphere of a big start and reaching the finish line, but without the pressure of the stopwatch - more information soon.

Start: 10:00

Place: Bory Mall , Bratislava Lamač

Marathon – GRAN FONDO – 132 km, total elevation 1145 m
Half marathon – MEDIO FONDO – 67 km, total elevation gain 135 m
Children's race - more information soon

Accompanying program for children and families in Bory Mall without registration .

Track parameters:
132 km
in the Gran Fondo category - marathon - elevation gain 1145m
67 km
in the Medio Fondo category - half marathon - elevation gain 135m

Bonus competitions:
points mountain and speed bonuses: marathon : 3 HP and min. 1 RP, half marathon : 1 RP

Men of 6 age categories
Women 2 age categories
Male / female / mixed teams - regardless of age

Registration :
- online until 2/8/2024 (until midnight)
- OC Bory Mall – 3.8.2024 from 14:00 to 19:00

In the case of corporate teams and requests for invoice payment, please contact us in advance at info@granfondobratislava.sk. ADDITIONAL INVOICING IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Proposals: http://granfondobratislava.sk/propozicie/
Starting fee:

NAY Gran Fondo Bratislava 2024

04. August 2024 10:00
Bory Mall, Bratislava

Lamačská brána 6780, 841 03 Bratislava, Slovensko

Event promoter

For any questions regarding the event - tickets, organization, location, or anything else please contact the event promoter.

Cyklistický klub D3-RACE TEAM
Račianska 63, 83102 Bratislava, Slovakia

Company ID: 31806813
Tax ID: 2021547605