Inviton Scheduler

Inviton Scheduler

Use our tool to help you set up the conference program and plan venues and rooms. Eliminate participants' Excel tables and easily manage guests, speakers and participants directly in the system using the attendees import feature. Inviton Scheduler will alert you for conflicts in the speaker program and you will be able to easily eliminate them.


If you are an event manager, event coordinator or professional conference organizer, Inviton Scheduler is useful partner for your events.
  • Manage your speakers, participants, sponsors, exhibitors, partners and suppliers
  • Have control over your data (simple import / export)
  • Manage your participants program
  • Send bulk emails (from your domain, via SMTP)
  • Communicate with your contacts and collect data using surveys that you can integrate via an API widget or iframe on your website.
  • Create a badge with QR code that you will print at the event
  • Suitable especially for recurring events, such as annual congresses, conferences, or other regular events, due to the easy data re-use from one event to another.


Create an event program with multiple conflict-free tracks that are published in real time on your own event website and mobile application using our API widget.
  • Multilingual program
  • Create and publish your speakers profiles (photos, CVs, contacts, social networks, etc.)
  • Create and publish multi-track programs online on your website
  • Manage conflicts (overlapping lectures, follow-up lectures, etc.)
  • Send bulk emails (using your email domain via SMTP)


In a few minutes you can create an event in our system, together with an event page where your participants can register. Participant registrations can be paid or free. You can also sell more ticket types, at different price levels. Sell Early bird tickets and full price tickets - set when the system automatically changes the price. Create your own registration form in the event settings, which can also contain dynamic fields.
  • Online event and session registration
  • Paid or free tickets
  • Accept online payments (Payment by card / bank transfer / Paypal)
  • Custom registration forms
  • Limited tickets
  • Promo codes

Participants engagement

Connect with the world, inform participants about your events and collect data from potential speakers and participants. Publishing an event website has never been easier. No programming knowledge is required! Become the master of your own event website and instantly publish any updates or changes with a single click!
  • Instant web page dedicated to the event
  • Live and pre-recorded embedded video streaming for online events
  • Module to ask questions - moderated, with the option to like already asked questions)
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Partner logos, gallery
  • Personalized event pages
  • Publish your multi-track program
  • Participant profiles
  • Sponsors / Exhibitors / Partners
  • Responsive design

Mobile application

Event apps for iOS and Android integrated with your event data right from the beginning. The mobile application will provide your participants with a full event information before and during the event. Stay connected in real time with your speakers, participants, exhibitors and sponsors. From personalized content to useful information to asking questions to speakers, the mobile app is a guide that each participant will follow throughout the event.
  • Program guide
  • Speakers and participants
  • Exhibitors and sponsors
  • Dynamic updates
  • Push notifications in real time
  • Custom content
  • Custom colors and images
  • Works online and offline
  • Android and iOS

API widgets

Real-time integration - all data from the Inviton Scheduler system right on your website. You can customize the design of individual widget parts as needed.
  • All details about the event
  • Information about venues
  • Program information - divided into individual tracks
  • Registration information
  • Participant information
  • Exhibitors and sponsors

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Inviton - a new platform for event organization where you can manage everything by yourself. Try it :-)

The basic features and services we provide

  • New event in 15 minutes
  • Graphic
  • Sell ​​tickets online
  • Dynamic registration forms
  • Real-time reports
  • Discount codes
  • Email invitations
  • Guest list app for event
  • Access control
  • On-site ticket sales
  • On-site print
  • Visitor management
  • Mobile apps
  • Visitor check-in
  • Audience interaction
  • Inviton Scheduler

Inviton is a self-service online event management platform, where you can set up everything by yourself . Only the ticket fee or additional services are charged. You can also purchase the entire platform as a standalone license where you pay no ticketing or other fees.

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New event in 15 minutes

New event in 15 minutes Event management and ticket sales can be easier than ever before. Creating your own event, setting your ticket price and launching sales takes just a few minutes . You can test everything for free by clicking on the create event button.

Sell ​​tickets online

Sell ​​tickets online We support various sales methods. You can sell tickets online directly via your own website using the iframe / API / Wordpress plugin. You can also publish the event on our events page. You can specify different ticket types at different price levels.

Dynamic registration forms

Dynamic registration forms Create various, dynamic, value-driven registration forms (if the field value is yes, another field will be displayed and if the value is no, the field will not appear, etc.) using our simple and intuitive registration form configurator. This is how you get all the necessary information from your participants.

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